Mayor & Board of Aldermen

The City of Archie is governed by a Mayor and Board of Aldermen who are elected by the people of the City. The Mayor and Board of Aldermen acting together are the Governing Body. All Governing Body members serve two-year terms. The Governing Body, being the elected representative of the people, adopts all ordinances and resolutions and determines the general goals and policies.


  • Les Whiteside, Mayor 
    Term Expires: April 2021
  • Mark Houchen
    Term Expires: April 2022
  • Scott Kendrick
    Term Expires: April 2021


  • Max Matter
    Term Expires: April 2021
  • Andrew Mawson
    Term Expires: April 2022 


Contact Info

Les Whiteside
302 SW Outer Rd., Suite C Archie MO 64725