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Water Loss Possible Reasons

The following shows the amount of water that can be lost for various size leaks.

A dripping leak consumes:
15 gal. per day
450 gal. per month

A 1/32 in. leak consumes:
264 gal. per day
7,920 gal. per month

A 1/16 in. leak consumes:
943 gal. per day
28,300 gal. per month / At 60psi, a 1/16″ hole leaks 74,000 gallons (9,850 cubic feet) in 3 months

A 1/8 in. leak consumes:
3,806 gal. per day
114,200 gal. per month / At 60psi, a 1/8″ hole leaks 296,000 gallons (39,400 cubic feet) in 3 months

A 1/4 in. leak consumes:
15,226 gal. per day
456,800 gal. per month / At 60 psi, a 1/4″ hole leaks 1,181,500 gallons (158,000cf) in 3 months

A 1/2 in. leak consumes:
60,900 gal. per day
1,827,000 gal. per month

Common water Loss examples:

Leaking Toilet @1/2 GPM = 21,600 Gal/mo
Drip Irrigation @1 GPM = 43,200 Gal/mo
Watering Garden for 2 hours @ 5 GPM = 18,000 Gal/mo
Watering Garden for 2 hours @ 10 GPM = 36,000 Gal/mo
Unattended Water Hose 1 night @10 GPM = 5,400 Gal/mo
Broken Services Line 1 night @15 GPM = 8,100 Gal
1 day @15 GPM = 21,600 Gal
1 week @15 GPM = 151,200 Gal
1 month @ 15 GPM = 648,000 Gal
Stuck Ice Maker @ 2 GPM = 86,400 Gal/mo
Stuck Check Valve in Washing Machine – 30 minutes = 240 Gal
Stuck Float Valve in Watering Trough @ 5GPM = 216,000 Gal/mo

Typical Normal Water Uses:

1 Bath = 42 Gal
1 Shower = 17 Gal

Wash 1 Load of Clothes = 45 Gal
Flush Toilet = 3 Gal

If you believe that you may have a leak, please contact our office at 816-293-5601.  Water Department personnel may be able to help assist you in determining if you have a leak by looking at your hourly usage report.  This report does not provide the location of the leak but can help to verify if there is a leak or just high consumption.

The City of Archie does not give adjustments for water leaks.    

Contact Info

City of Archie
City Clerk 
401 S Main St